About Us

About Us

Ascension Consulting Services is a professional tax, regulatory and people services organisation that serves global and national businesses.

Ascension is highly specialized in tax solutions ranging from conceptualization to implementation and sustainable defence. Our regulatory solutions is based on sound and proven knowledge of the regulatory system.

We focus on developing our people for the future. Our practice in short run focuses on serving the Sub-Saharan African Region with potentials to grow into an African and global business covering Europe, Middle East and the Americas.

Our Core Values


We adopt the approach of high level competence in basic knowledge, skills and experience. We apply high professional care and skills in dealing with our clients and issues. We consider business entrepreneurship in evaluating issues but legally protective approach to delivering our services.


We cherish our integrity as the platform upon which we do our businesses. Doing the right thing rightly is our philosophy. We are not deterred by rough environments but rather, it offers opportunity to us to demonstrate who we are. We challenge unacceptable status quo in any environment that we operate. We operate on the platform of high professional ethics in dissecting problems and proffering solutions.


We respect the believes of our people and consider inclusivity in diversity as our style in building strong relationship. We cherish our relationship with our clients and sustains it with mutual respect. We respect our client’s needs and move at faster pace to demonstrate our understanding of their feeling.

Why Ascension

In Ascension, we have the know-how to handle tax and regulatory needs of Companies in Nigeria's peculiar business environment. We are a firm that specialises in provision of first class tax and regulatory services. Since, we started business we have built a reputation for passionately and professionally delivering best value to our client. We pride ourselves as having some of the best brains in tax and regulatory consulting. Our ethos is predicated on our passion for what we do and our dedication to meeting the commercial objectives of our clients while providing qualitative tax and regulatory services.

We keep abreast of changes in the tax and regulatory framework that governs operations of our Clients in Nigeria. We have local and international tax knowledge that enables us render relevant/quality tax advice to our client. We have cordial working relationship with the FIRS and Nigerian States Revenue Boards and Services, built over the years, and leverage on such relationship in delivering quality services to our clients. We also keep abreast of industry practice, through the active membership of our partners and staff of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

We operate a fully integrated professional firm where the full skill and expertise resident in our Firm is brought to bear on any engagement. In composing any engagement team, we ensure a good blend of resource persons with tax, accounting and regulatory backgrounds. This way, we ensure that tax, accounting and regulatory perspectives are fully considered in any of our deliverables.


"To be a leading global service provider in our chosen business lines."


"Delivery of quality services through agile people with entreprenuerial skills and professional drives."

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